Set of 3 Fumed Decorative Wood Bowls

Set of 3 Fumed Decorative Wood Bowls


This set of 3 raw edged, hand-carved wood bowls have been created from reclaimed teak and fumed to create a rich, earthy ebony finish.

Fuming is an age-old finishing process of burning wood to produce a consistent color. It penetrates the wood up to an eighth of an inch deep for a rich permanent coloration. This natural process began during the dark ages of medieval Europe.

These bowls can be used as decorative accents, for a serving or side dish, or as salad bowls.


Small bowl: 7.9” D x 2” H

Medium bowl: 9.8” D x 2.4” H

Large bowl: 11.8” D x 2.75” H

Care: Wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust. Wipe any spills or liquid away immediately.

Note: Each bowl has been hand-carved from organic, irregular wood pieces, giving each bowl a unique personality and finish. Cracks and natural variation are to be expected and embraced as the beauty of each piece.

Imported from Belgium.

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